31 October 2012

Where's Waldo?

We've been making quite a few Waldo sightings these days,
mostly because that is Max's Halloween costume this year!
I wanted to be sure little man got some good use out of his costume,
especially since I worked hard to make it. :)
(Painting a striped shirt is hard work, you guys.)

We started with our small group get-together a few weeks ago

 Max was not very happy about having his picture taken.

then a trunk or treat last Saturday

and finally, our playgroup Halloween party today.

In preparation for his Halloween debut,
I decided several weeks ago to buy a Where's Waldo book for Max
to help him "get into character"
and well, because this kiddo loves books!
Every morning he asks for "Wa wee" and points to the bookshelf.
He will spend long stretches of time
just poring over the pages in search of his little striped friend.

In fact, he's actually pretty good at finding Waldo.
I know, I know what you're thinking -
How can a 16 month-old find Waldo?

Just see for yourself...

I'm not sure if Waldo-finding at this age is an indicator of genius,
but we're gonna take it. :)


Mary Kay said...

I love all you sweet mommy's that make such cute and creative Halloween costumes! His is adorable!!!!

karen said...

not only is max so cute, but he is very smart, too! this is such a fun costume! i really enjoyed seeing your halloween fun....and a bonus to get to facetime!!! thanks!!!