24 February 2014

Folks Here Don't Treat You Mean

When we went to Abilene over Valentine's weekend,
Max got to stay an extra week and get some one-on-one time
with Mini, Zu and Aunt Julie!

He had an AMAZING time - these photos only show a glimpse of his fun. 
I thought this one Karen sent me was particularly hilarious:

The folks here definitely gave him the royal treatment, even if his face doesn't show it. :)
(I know because he has been talking NONSTOP about it ever since he got home!)

Things were a little quieter than usual back in Fort Worth.
Miles soaked up all the extra attention from Mommy and Daddy. :)

I checked off almost everything off my do-list
and even had time for a little Friday night fun with Clay -
Imagine Dragons at the AA Center in Dallas!

We all missed that boy something fierce while he was away,
but it was so fun to see Aunt Julie's constant Facebook updates of their adventures!

What a blessing to make so many memories together -
and for giving us a few days to catch up on sleep. :)

We are so grateful for you, Mini and Zu and Julie!

16 February 2014

Happy Heart Day

A little Valentine greeting from our moustachioed boys...

We enjoyed a lovely red dinner with Clay's family in Abilene
on Valentine's Day. So fun!

(Please excuse the warped faces - it was hard not to move while we took a panoramic pic on the iPhone.)

Heart Day also seems an appropriate time
for an update on Max's heart. :)

We went for a checkup with his cardiologist in December
where they did x-rays, an echo and EKG.
Max's sternum was almost completely fused back together
and his incision was healing really nicely.
The doctor did notice a small flap of tissue
right above where the membrane was removed.
He said it is very possible that the tissue in Max's heart
is just settling after the operation -
and it's also very possible that the surgeon
wasn't able to remove all of the membrane.
We will go back in June to check things again.

So for now, we will celebrate the healing of Max's heart
and all the love in our lives!