29 April 2010

Yummy In My Tummy

I eat a LOT of different kinds of salads. You might even call me a salad nut. All the more reason for you to try my most recent salad discovery - Avocado Mango Salad. It is some kind of yummy in my tummy. :D

And here's the great news: you CAN try this at home!

All you need is...

1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar
1 tablespoon lime juice
2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil
3 mangos, cubed
2 avocados, cubed
1/4 small red onion, diced
Salt and freshly ground black pepper

In a large serving bowl, whisk together vinegar, lime juice, salt and pepper to taste. Slowly whisk in oil. Toss in mangoes, avocado and red onion to coat. Then put all that yummy in your tummy!

26 April 2010

Weekly Wow!

So I was just perusing my usual blogs this evening when I stumbled across a post on the Bakerella blog - with 5,827 comments! Granted, she was doing a giveaway (for which I registered - and you should too if you can make it before 5pm ET tomorrow!). But still, I cannot even FATHOM having more than ten comments on one blog post! WOW!!!

Maybe someday... :D

25 April 2010

Field Trip

So Clay and I decided to take a field trip to the ER yesterday. I had never been and Clay thought he would show me around.

Actually...we went so that Clay could receive medical treatment. You see, my dear, sweet husband was out in the yard trimming our shrubbery with the electric hedge trimmer when somehow his right pinky finger got in the way. I quickly realized this wound was beyond my first-aid skills, so we headed to the ER.

An x-ray, tetanus shot, and seven stitches later...

Poor Clay, all laid up in his hospital bed, happy on pain meds and with a great view of the TV while I had to crane my neck and sign all the papers for him. (I'm not bitter.)

Needless to say, I am very glad that everything turned out okay (no lost appendages!). However, Clay spent most of this afternoon taking it easy on the couch. As we speak, he is enjoying the Spurs/ Mavs game - and milking his finger for all that it's worth. See what I mean?

So, lessons we've learned this weekend:

1.) Keep your fingers (and any other body parts, for that matter) VERY far away from electric hedge trimmers, even if the blade is slowing down.
2.) The Game Show Network has some interesting TV shows. We were able to watch two episodes of Baggage during our wait. It is a dating show hosted by Jerry Springer - need I say more??!!
3.) Clay makes an irresistible puppy dog face. And I am such a sucker! :)

Hopefully your weekend has been free of any "field trips!"

22 April 2010

Rich-Craft: Another Update (So Soon?!?!!)

I just don't know what got into me, but I'm on a crafty streak or something. :D

Last night I decided to finally fill the three frames hanging above our bed. (Previously they have merely showcased the paper inserts that came with them. I was holding out for some wedding photos... but *sigh* finally gave up.)

Materials: Laptop with printer, scrapbook paper, scissors, picture frames. Oh, and a little creative placement.

Results: Simply. Amazing.

SO much better than before! And at least now I won't get confused looks as visitors ask us who those pictures are of and why there are three of them. :D

20 April 2010

Doraphobia (Which Isn't Fear of Dora the Explorer)

Despite my father's best efforts to impart his love of God's green earth and all its inhabitants, I still managed to maintain some of my skittishness when it comes to the furrier creatures. Actually, I wouldn't call it skittishness - it's downright doraphobia (for all you hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobes out there, that's fear of fur).

You might imagine, then, that as I pulled into my driveway this evening and noticed a GIANT FURRY THING scurry down the trunk of a tree in our front yard, I was somewhat alarmed - okay, really alarmed. As the form stepped into clarity under the front porch light, I realized my furry friend was a very healthy racoon. (He must've been eating all the cat food that the lady next door sets out for the neighborhood strays. That would explain why the cats are all so skinny - and this racoon was so freakin' big!)

I thought surely he would scamper off into the night at the sound of my vehicle on the gravel driveway (it works well for the feral cats) - but no. This racoon was defiant. He sat down on the porch.

Don't get scared now, I thought to myself. After all, I'm the one in the 2000-pound vehicle.

I pulled into the garage, my mind rapidly flashing scenes of a crazed (and rabid) racoon destroying our house after scampering in while I checked the mailbox. Quickly I checked the rearview mirror to see if he had come around the corner of the house. (I needed to be prepared, okay?) The coast was clear, but my hands began to shake as I gathered my things. I cursed the now oversized gym bag and heavy stack of travel books - items definitely not facilitating a quick getaway, should the furry mongrel charge at me.

As I looked up, I saw a shadowy figure creep around the house and along the flagstone path. The racoon was coming after me! He must have sensed my fear, I thought. Summoning my courage, I stomped the ground (a method I also find successful in scaring off stray cats). But the racoon just picked up speed!

I fumbled to close the gate behind me, realizing my feeble attempt at protection. This would provide no obstacle for the enormity of this racoon, no doubt he would clear the chain-link easily. With trembling hands, I grasped desperately for my house key. Looking over my shoulder, I saw a flash of fur on the other side of the fence.

The garage! I thought. I had forgotten to close it. Now the racoon will destroy all of Clay's tools instead of our house! Sheer terror began to set in.

I struggled to unlock the back door, finally pushing it open as the furry goblin hopped over the fence. I watched him cautiously through the screen door, and for a minute our eyes met. (That gleaming thing is really creepy.) Then the little furball scampered off into the darkness, and I quickly locked the deadbolt.

Of course, I realize that this story further illuminates my irrational doraphobia. (Don't judge me.) I am okay with this character flaw, especially now that I am safe and sound inside my furless house.

Rich-Craft: An Update

So I have finished the canvases to hang over our dining room table! Of the three craft projects I have planned, it was the easiest to knock out. :)

A little contact paper, some paint, and 8 hours later...


Now on to more challenging "feets" - like making shoes! :)

14 April 2010

Dear Summer Vacation, Will You Get Here Already?!!

Days like today make me long for the carefree and lazy days of summer - days spent lounging poolside with a tall glass of fresh-squeezed lemonade in hand (or other adult beverage :)). Not that I actually get to do that much during the summertime, being a working gal and all. But I can dream, right?

And dream I am, especially when I have a place like this to look forward to:

That's right, ladies and gentlemen - you can just insert me in the above photo in August! My husband and I are taking a long-awaited vacation to Greece, Turkey, and eastern Europe. I am saving up all my vacation time (and I mean all) between now and then, so let's just say I am counting the days.

Dear Summer Vacation, will you get here already?!! This working girl is in need of a break.

Tell me about your summer plans and we can commiserate. :)

11 April 2010

Weekly Wows!

I have survived the past two weeks! Yesterday was the 14th Annual Victory Over Violence Walk/ Run at Trinity Park, an event I help coordinate as part of my job. The past few weeks have been crazy - long hours, lots of details and last-minute changes to get ready for this day. But it all paid off and we had a great event! Over 2500 people registered to participate and help support the anti-violence programs of The Women's Center.

During this crazy period at work, I have less time (and energy) to pack a lunch and dinner so I often resort to frozen meals which I really prefer not to do. However, I love Amy's Organics products - specifically her Black Bean Tamale Verde dinner. When I'm harried and could easily head towards the vending machine, I know I have a wholesome meal to heat up in 5 minutes!

In the midst of all that craziness, I got to spend some time with my sister-in-law Julie. She came into town for Tara's baby shower and we got to hang out a little today before taking her to the airport.

We stopped by the Main Street Arts Festival in Fort Worth this afternoon. This is an event that Clay and I love to visit every year, mostly to browse though we have found some nice things to purchase. :) In fact, this year we bought a print from Audrey Heller Photography. She takes the most fun and whimsical pictures, and we just had to have this one. She even has a book of all her photos, which I am definitely getting. I love her photos because they encourage me to look at the world in a little different way.

Now tell me about your weekly wows! (And this time someone should seriously comment. :))

04 April 2010

Happy Easter!

Today my sister came over for lunch and afterwards we dyed Easter eggs. That's right - three adults dyeing eggs. No children anywhere. It was lots of fun!

Here are a few snapshots of our creativity, thanks to photographer Clay...

What a fun afternoon. Happy Easter, everyone!