11 April 2010

Weekly Wows!

I have survived the past two weeks! Yesterday was the 14th Annual Victory Over Violence Walk/ Run at Trinity Park, an event I help coordinate as part of my job. The past few weeks have been crazy - long hours, lots of details and last-minute changes to get ready for this day. But it all paid off and we had a great event! Over 2500 people registered to participate and help support the anti-violence programs of The Women's Center.

During this crazy period at work, I have less time (and energy) to pack a lunch and dinner so I often resort to frozen meals which I really prefer not to do. However, I love Amy's Organics products - specifically her Black Bean Tamale Verde dinner. When I'm harried and could easily head towards the vending machine, I know I have a wholesome meal to heat up in 5 minutes!

In the midst of all that craziness, I got to spend some time with my sister-in-law Julie. She came into town for Tara's baby shower and we got to hang out a little today before taking her to the airport.

We stopped by the Main Street Arts Festival in Fort Worth this afternoon. This is an event that Clay and I love to visit every year, mostly to browse though we have found some nice things to purchase. :) In fact, this year we bought a print from Audrey Heller Photography. She takes the most fun and whimsical pictures, and we just had to have this one. She even has a book of all her photos, which I am definitely getting. I love her photos because they encourage me to look at the world in a little different way.

Now tell me about your weekly wows! (And this time someone should seriously comment. :))

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Julie said...

It was good to see you!