28 February 2013

19-20-21 Weeks

Here's the bump at 19, 20, and 21 weeks:

How far along? 21 weeks and 5 days

How big is the baby? The size of a spaghetti squash - 8 inches long and about 1 pound.

Are you in maternity clothes? Oh, yes! I have realized that many of my non-maternity shirts
are just not long enough anymore. :)

How do you feel physically? For the most part, I feel good. The occasional heartburn has started and I feel twinges of my round ligaments stretching every now and then. 
My spider and varicose veins are hurting some so I've been wearing gradient compression
stockings daily (sexy!). But those are totally minor complaints in the scheme of things!

Sleep? I feel well-rested most days when I wake - even since we've moved
Max to his toddler bed. (For some reason I was expecting that transition
to come with lots of sleepless nights.) I am not taking advantage of my ability
to nap during the day like I should...I'll work on that though. :)

Miss anything? Energy! But I think that is something I will always
want more of, especially with one - soon to be two - boys running around!

Feeling movement of the baby? I can really feel Baby Brother moving these days! 
It is so fun. He is especially active in the evenings - or maybe I'm more still then 
and more aware of his ninja practice.

Food cravings? Anything salty and savory.

Gender of the baby? It's a boy! We are so excited for Max to have a little brother. :)
Mood/ thoughts? I have been thinking a lot lately about what Baby Brother's personality will
be like and what his unique contributions will be to our family. Will he be athletic or bookish?
Will he like to sing or have difficulty keeping time? Will he always draw a crowd or prefer to stay away from them? I cannot wait to meet this little man and see what he is like!

27 February 2013

20 Months

I had this realization recently
that Max is TWENTY MONTHS OLD (yes, I was a little late)
which means that he will be two in just four months!
I really cannot believe my boy is getting so big. :(

Max weighs about 31(ish) pounds and measures 35 inches tall.
We are in a serious growth spurt right now
(just minutes after breakfast he is asking for a snack).
So check back with us in a week or two
and I'm sure our little man will have sprouted another inch!

We seem to have passed whatever vegetable aversion stage we were in
and now this kiddo just can't get enough of anything on his plate!
In fact, the other night Max asked for some of the spinach salad
with balsamic vinaigrette I was having with dinner.
I was hesitant to give him any, but he gobbled it right up. Crazy kiddo. ;)
He had his first donut hole this past month, and now often asks
for them - or cookies or "dake" (cake). It only took one time, of course!

He still sleeps about 11 hours a night (8:00pm-7:00am),
though we have had a few glorious mornings where Max "slept in" until 7:30 or 7:45! 
 (Those are usually after a night of frequent wakings, so we needed some extra shut-eye.)
He is still napping about 2 hours each afternoon.

It is finally confirmed that Max's second year molars are poking through.
Seems like we've been dreaming this for ages. :)
Here's hoping it's downhill from here and these teeth
will finish inflicting their pain (and sleepless nights) very soon!

Little man's vocabulary has just exploded this past month
and he is starting to put more words together.
It's pretty hilarious the combinations his little mind creates.

He is also parroting a lot more words that he hears us say,
which is always unexpected - and funny!
(The other night Max repeated the word "arrogant" - yikes)

Max can regularly recognize the colors pink and orange,
count to three, and walk "backards."
He can reach the power button on the TV and
is just tall enough to pull things off the kitchen counter, much to our chagrin.
(Don't worry - we are working on it!)
He loves to chase our neighbor's cats, collect rocks (still),
and point out airplanes on our walks.

This month Max discovered his pants pockets,
and gets very disappointed if I dress him in anything without pockets.
He will often walk around the house with his hands stuffed in
(which makes his pants sag), proudly proclaiming "Pockets!" as he goes. :)
Sometimes he has a hard time getting to his pockets,
like when he's sitting in the carseat, so we're learning that
you can't always have your hands in your pockets.

Max has also discovered that he can remove his diaper when he wishes,
which usually occurs after he has soiled it. :(
It seems he mainly does this when in room time (which is by himself),
so I just have to make sure I'm watching the monitor!

We have been talking some about the baby brother in Mommy's tummy,
though if you ask Max he'll tell you it's a baby monkey. :)

It is so fun - and exhausting - to watch this kiddo grow!

08 February 2013

The Wait Is Over!

We are finally ready to announce...
I know it's hard to tell in the pics, but that silly string really is blue!

Our sono on Wednesday revealed a healthy baby with all his boy parts. :)


We couldn't be happier to add more blue to our family -
even if it means I am vastly outnumbered!
(A mom's votes count for triple, right?)

05 February 2013

16-17-18 Weeks

Here's the bump at
16, 17, and 18 weeks:

How far along? 18 weeks and 4 days

How big is the baby? The size of a mango - 6 inches long and about 1/2 a pound.

Are you in maternity clothes? Yes, but I'm still hanging onto quite a few non-maternity items.
Thank goodness for elastic!

How do you feel physically? I feel good, but still tire very easily. I am totally wiped out by the end of the day, even if I take a nap. Just last night I was dozing off while Clay and I talked - at 9:00pm! (And he wasn't boring me, I promise.)

Sleep? Seems like I've discovered how to get comfortable - but I still get up
to attend to little man at least once every night or so. (We think he's teething.)

Miss anything? Sushi. And cookie dough!

Feeling movement of the baby? I felt what I think were a few flutters about 16 weeks.
It isn't very regular yet so it's hard to tell.

Food cravings? Still Mexican food, especially nacho salads from Rosa's with lots of jalapenos. :)

Gender of the baby? We find out TOMORROW!!! It is sort of strange to think 
that we will know the gender of this baby (though I have heard plenty of stories in the past few days to remind me that sonographers are not perfect!) but exciting too.
Mood/ thoughts? I feel like I have been really focused on Max lately and some upcoming
transitions for him (moving to a toddler bed in a few weeks!), so this baby is not getting the attention
that Max did in utero - not that I was hooking up Belly Buds or anything. :)
I know that this baby is just as special, but it's a lot easier to focus on the busy toddler 
running circles in front of me than the little jellybean in my tummy. Maybe after we know a little more about this baby (boy or girl!), it will help me picture our future family
and focus a little more attention on this bundle of joy!

Photo A Day: January

I went back and forth for a while, trying to decide
if I'd continue the Photo A Day Challenge in 2013.
Since I'm already in the habit of taking pictures daily 
(most days - ha!), I figured why not?!!





I wonder what fun February will bring... ;)