27 February 2013

20 Months

I had this realization recently
that Max is TWENTY MONTHS OLD (yes, I was a little late)
which means that he will be two in just four months!
I really cannot believe my boy is getting so big. :(

Max weighs about 31(ish) pounds and measures 35 inches tall.
We are in a serious growth spurt right now
(just minutes after breakfast he is asking for a snack).
So check back with us in a week or two
and I'm sure our little man will have sprouted another inch!

We seem to have passed whatever vegetable aversion stage we were in
and now this kiddo just can't get enough of anything on his plate!
In fact, the other night Max asked for some of the spinach salad
with balsamic vinaigrette I was having with dinner.
I was hesitant to give him any, but he gobbled it right up. Crazy kiddo. ;)
He had his first donut hole this past month, and now often asks
for them - or cookies or "dake" (cake). It only took one time, of course!

He still sleeps about 11 hours a night (8:00pm-7:00am),
though we have had a few glorious mornings where Max "slept in" until 7:30 or 7:45! 
 (Those are usually after a night of frequent wakings, so we needed some extra shut-eye.)
He is still napping about 2 hours each afternoon.

It is finally confirmed that Max's second year molars are poking through.
Seems like we've been dreaming this for ages. :)
Here's hoping it's downhill from here and these teeth
will finish inflicting their pain (and sleepless nights) very soon!

Little man's vocabulary has just exploded this past month
and he is starting to put more words together.
It's pretty hilarious the combinations his little mind creates.

He is also parroting a lot more words that he hears us say,
which is always unexpected - and funny!
(The other night Max repeated the word "arrogant" - yikes)

Max can regularly recognize the colors pink and orange,
count to three, and walk "backards."
He can reach the power button on the TV and
is just tall enough to pull things off the kitchen counter, much to our chagrin.
(Don't worry - we are working on it!)
He loves to chase our neighbor's cats, collect rocks (still),
and point out airplanes on our walks.

This month Max discovered his pants pockets,
and gets very disappointed if I dress him in anything without pockets.
He will often walk around the house with his hands stuffed in
(which makes his pants sag), proudly proclaiming "Pockets!" as he goes. :)
Sometimes he has a hard time getting to his pockets,
like when he's sitting in the carseat, so we're learning that
you can't always have your hands in your pockets.

Max has also discovered that he can remove his diaper when he wishes,
which usually occurs after he has soiled it. :(
It seems he mainly does this when in room time (which is by himself),
so I just have to make sure I'm watching the monitor!

We have been talking some about the baby brother in Mommy's tummy,
though if you ask Max he'll tell you it's a baby monkey. :)

It is so fun - and exhausting - to watch this kiddo grow!


karen said...

TWENTY MONTHS!!! how can that be?!! oh my goodness, max is such a fun little guy! i loved reading every word about what he's up to, saying, doing! love him so much! xoxo, mini

laura jo said...

This whole post makes me laugh! Love it!

Mary Kay said...

He is such a little doll...love those curls!!! He and Emma have that sweet thing in common and it melts my heart! Love reading all he is into and my prediction is he is gonna be a wonderful big brother!!!

Sarah Cornett said...

Awwww, love the part about his pockets :) It is adorable when kids put their hands in their pockets! He is such a cutie!!