16 August 2010

Rich-Craft: Tag Blankies

Last week I made a trip to the Cabbage Rose - and managed to make it out without spending a fortune on irresistibly cute fabrics! So on Saturday afternoon, I was looking at my cute purchases and feeling rather crafty... and what better to cure the craft itch than making some adorable tag blankies?! (This is yet another genius project from Lotta Jansdotter's book Simple Sewing for Baby.)

The backside of these blankies is this amazingly soft fabric called "minky" - which I wish I would make all of my clothes out of. It is SO soft!

I made three of these cute little guys all in an afternoon's time! Now to find them a happy home... ;D

15 August 2010

Sister Date!

This afternoon Rachel and I went on a "sister date"...

lunch at McAlester's Deli


and catching the new movie Eat Pray Love.

We had such a good time chatting, admiring our pretty toes,
and wishing we were in Bali like Liz!
Thanks, Rach, for a fun time this afternoon. :D

08 August 2010

I Dare You

In my search for the perfect read for our upcoming trip (so many choices!), one link led to another and I ended up on YouTube watching this video essay by author Kelly Corrigan.

[Watch it. Now.]

The truth of her words struck me between the eyeballs: How many times do I undermine my own talents and abilities because I am overly self-conscious? What would I be able to do if I threw caution to the wind, if I took my dreams seriously, if I wore leg warmers whenever I felt like it? I mean, really - who cares what other people think?

Take hold of your dreams today, bright readers! I dare you. :D

04 August 2010

Weekly Wows!

It has been so stinkin’ hot the past few days. When Clay and I got into his car after yoga on Monday night at 9:00pm, the thermometer read 112 degrees! Let me just say I am not a fan of this heat wave.

Every Tuesday I go to lunch with some of my coworkers, and yesterday we went to Ellerbe Fine Foods. (We usually try to pick a place off the beaten path, but this week we decided to go to the other extreme. :D) I’ve been dying to try it ever since it opened last fall. Let me tell you, IT WAS AMAZING! I had the BBT sandwich from their lunch menu - crispy bacon between two juicy slices of fresh tomato with a creamy-yet-peppery dressing and basil leaves on thick hunks of brioche with a side of arugula. I seriously thought I had died and gone to heaven!

Then we had my very favorite salad for dinner last night: strawberry spinach salad with chicken.  Clay even got excited about it! I mean, how can you NOT love a big 'ole bowl of this?

It is super-simple, and you can find the recipe here. :D

Today I stopped at Target on my way home from work and overheard a little girl throwing the world's BIGGEST temper tantrum. She was screaming to get out of the shopping cart, trying to reason with her mother that somehow it was hurting her not to be running around the store knocking over displays. I could even hear her two sections over! Let's just say that cured any baby fever I may or may not have been having.

I can’t believe that exactly two weeks from today we will be on a plane to Greece! We have been planning this trip since January, and I am so ready for it to be here. (I even have a countdown on my desk at work. :D) Because our trip is getting so close, I am already beginning to pack (yes, I’m one of those). My goal is for us to get everything we’ll need for two and a half weeks into these:

A little ambitious, I know. But if Rick Steve’s can do it, so can we!

Hope you’ve had a wow-ser of a Wednesday! :D