27 May 2011

Weekly Wows!

Wednesday was my last day at The Women's Center, and my coworkers hosted a lovely shower/ going away breakfast for me. It was so nice of them to show up early to say a few words of encouragement and share a few gifts. While I have been so blessed to work there for the past three and a half years, I am definitely excited to start my new job as a mommy!

Thursday morning my sister-in-law Tara and I enjoyed a lovely breakfast at La Madeleine, then she treated me to a pedicure so my tootsies are delivery room-ready. :) I cannot say enough wonderful things about Tara; she has been so helpful throughout my entire pregnancy, as I know she has been to many of her other friends - answering questions, calming fears, lending books, sharing maternity clothes, and recommending resources. I honestly don't know what I would have done without her! I am so blessed to have such a thoughtful sister-in-law and friend. :)

We also got to meet our pediatrician-to-be on Thursday, and he was so nice! It made me feel so much better to meet the person who will be answering many of my questions in the coming years and learn a little more about him - like that he's been practicing pediatrics longer than I've been alive!

Our friends the Allens had us over for a lovely dinner on Thursday night. (Thursday was a busy day!)We had such a good time catching up with them and enjoying their hospitality! They have the cutest 13 month-old, who provided lots of entertainment - and a little preview of our future. :)

Clay has been off work for the past few days, so we have gotten to spend lots of quality time together (mostly assembling baby gadgets - ha!). It has been strange to see each other so much of the time - but I am definitely not complaining. :)

More "wows" on the horizon: tomorrow is my nephew's first birthday party, and we'll get to spend some time with Clay's family that will be in town for the Memorial Day holiday.

What's wow-ing you this week? ;D

24 May 2011

Turn, Baby, Turn

Last Friday we went for our 36-week sonogram,
where we got a glimpse of our little one's sweet face:

(Just tilt your head sideways.)

We also learned that Baby Rich is currently breech (the little stinker). This little bundle has been head down for the past few months, so the sono tech was pretty surprised to discover that our baby is now head up. I felt a lot of movement the week before our appointment, but had no idea what our little stinker was up to! Everything else, he said, indicated a healthy baby that was growing right on schedule.

I must admit that it really freaked me out to hear that Baby Rich was breech because I knew that meant automatic c-section. Of course, the most important thing is for our little bundle to be healthy - but I had hoped to be able to deliver this child without so much medical intervention!

After talking with my doctor at my appointment this afternoon, she seems to think that there is a possibility that Baby Rich could flip back into position before my due date - especially since the baby has been moving around so much and so recently. (According to my mom, I did the exact same thing before I was born!)

 So for now, we wait - and pray that this baby turns around!

Happy Anniversary!

This past Saturday Clay and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary with a lovely dinner at Lanny's Alta Cocina Mexicana in Fort Worth. We snapped a quick pic before heading out the door:

Clay has eaten  at Lanny's several times for work functions and reallyreally wanted me to try it because he knew I would like it. And he was right! The food was very unusual - sometimes unpronouncable - but oh so delicious and definitely special occasion-worthy. We'll look forward to going back there someday when we can try their tasting menu with wine pairings!

It's crazy to believe it's been five years since that warm May evening at Erinshire Gardens...

So much has happened in the past five years - so many experiences with Clay that I wouldn't trade for the world! I can't wait to see what the next five years (and the next and the next) will bring. :)

23 May 2011


Here are some long-awaited belly pics...

35 Weeks

36 Weeks

37 Weeks

Is it really possible that I'm only three weeks from having this baby?!!!

16 May 2011

I'm Ba-ack!

So we have finally gotten our replacement laptop (thank you, Allstate!) and I am now reconnected to the world - and the blogosphere! It seems as though everything is slowly coming back into place... only for a little baby to change it all here in a few weeks. :)

In the time that has elapsed since that fateful day almost three weeks ago when I came home to discover a kicked-in back door, we have accomplished quite a lot. For one, we have learned to survive without a TV (yes, there were a few Saturday nights where we played tic-tac-toe!). But we also got a LOT of things done on our to-do lists...
  • I finished all the thank yous from my baby shower a few weeks ago
  • I finally updated my pregnancy journal
  • We took an all-day childbirth class at the hospital
  • Clay installed the carseat in the Venza (I'll be getting it checked by a car seat inspector this week)
  • We assembled then promptly tested out the jogging stroller
  • Clay set up the play yard in our bedroom (so we can get used to it being there)
  • I scheduled a consultation with a potential pediatrician
  • Clay installed security cameras and signs to deter any potenial burglars
  • I cooked a few dishes to stash in the freezer for when I don't feel like cooking
  • I went shopping for nursing bras and camisoles
Today starts my last full week of work; my last day will be next Wednesday, May 25th. Although it will be nice to have a slightly more relaxed pace in the days leading up to this baby's birth, I definitely have quite a few more things still on the to-do list! Let's hope I can be just as (if not more) productive in the coming weeks. :)