24 May 2011

Turn, Baby, Turn

Last Friday we went for our 36-week sonogram,
where we got a glimpse of our little one's sweet face:

(Just tilt your head sideways.)

We also learned that Baby Rich is currently breech (the little stinker). This little bundle has been head down for the past few months, so the sono tech was pretty surprised to discover that our baby is now head up. I felt a lot of movement the week before our appointment, but had no idea what our little stinker was up to! Everything else, he said, indicated a healthy baby that was growing right on schedule.

I must admit that it really freaked me out to hear that Baby Rich was breech because I knew that meant automatic c-section. Of course, the most important thing is for our little bundle to be healthy - but I had hoped to be able to deliver this child without so much medical intervention!

After talking with my doctor at my appointment this afternoon, she seems to think that there is a possibility that Baby Rich could flip back into position before my due date - especially since the baby has been moving around so much and so recently. (According to my mom, I did the exact same thing before I was born!)

 So for now, we wait - and pray that this baby turns around!


karen said...

this is one of the sweetest pictures!
we hope and pray for baby rich to make the turn.
Zu and mini

Katie Allen said...

Jessica - he/she has such a sweet face. Hope you're having a good last day at work!

Come on Baby Rich - turn!