16 May 2011

I'm Ba-ack!

So we have finally gotten our replacement laptop (thank you, Allstate!) and I am now reconnected to the world - and the blogosphere! It seems as though everything is slowly coming back into place... only for a little baby to change it all here in a few weeks. :)

In the time that has elapsed since that fateful day almost three weeks ago when I came home to discover a kicked-in back door, we have accomplished quite a lot. For one, we have learned to survive without a TV (yes, there were a few Saturday nights where we played tic-tac-toe!). But we also got a LOT of things done on our to-do lists...
  • I finished all the thank yous from my baby shower a few weeks ago
  • I finally updated my pregnancy journal
  • We took an all-day childbirth class at the hospital
  • Clay installed the carseat in the Venza (I'll be getting it checked by a car seat inspector this week)
  • We assembled then promptly tested out the jogging stroller
  • Clay set up the play yard in our bedroom (so we can get used to it being there)
  • I scheduled a consultation with a potential pediatrician
  • Clay installed security cameras and signs to deter any potenial burglars
  • I cooked a few dishes to stash in the freezer for when I don't feel like cooking
  • I went shopping for nursing bras and camisoles
Today starts my last full week of work; my last day will be next Wednesday, May 25th. Although it will be nice to have a slightly more relaxed pace in the days leading up to this baby's birth, I definitely have quite a few more things still on the to-do list! Let's hope I can be just as (if not more) productive in the coming weeks. :)

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karen said...

it was so good to see you last week at your "one month to go" mark! you look beautiful! the countdown is on! we can't wait!!