30 April 2011

Take the Orange Juice, Leave the iPad

Well, dear friends, it seems that although the craziness at work with our big race has died down (hence the infrequent posts), we have encountered another setback: our home was burglarized on Tuesday. And whadya know, they took our laptop!

So that means fewer posts on the bloggity for a while and definitely fewer pictures (little buggers took our camera too, which contained the memory card with my 33 week pic on it - sad day). Currently I am typing this post on our iPad, which they miraculously missed, but it is excruciatingly slow and painful. I think I'd rather get a root canal.

Anyhow, the hubs and I are trying to make the best of our new lives sans TV and laptop - and it is interesting, for sure! I did finish all my shower thank yous and baked dessert for small group tomorrow night, so I'm thinking perhaps this is a blessing in disguise.

More to come - hopefully sooner rather than later!


Stephanie said...

This is just terrible! I'm so sorry!

Katie said...

So sorry! Mom told me about it. :( Hope they catch them!

laura jo said...

not good, jess! i'm so sorry. jenny's house was burglarized maybe a year ago, and they took her laptop, too. such an invasive feeling!

Betsy said...

oh jessica and clay! i am so sorry to hear about this!
i agree with katie....hope the person is caught!