20 April 2011

People Say the Darndest Things

Pregnancy makes you the target of countless fascinating comments. For some reason the general public believes that just because you have a watermelon belly, they are entitled to say things to you they might not otherwise. A few examples:

Upon seeing me for the first time in almost a week, one of my coworkers exclaimed, "Boy, you've just exploded since I saw you last!" Exploded - really? Let's find some new adjectives, folks; no woman wants to hear that her stomach has burst forth violently.

"Every time I see you, you're eating." I'm making a baby, people! What do you expect? (Also, just to clarify - I mostly run into this coworker in the kitchen when we're preparing our lunches.)

Clay was talking with some of the kids from School by the Pool when another volunteer, Rusty, asked if he had shared his surprise with them yet. Clay said that no, he hadn't, and wondered if anyone wanted to guess what his surprise might be. One girl piped up and asked, "Is your girlfriend pregnant?" Oh, to hear the surprises shared in their house!
And my personal favorite: when people ask what we're having (boy or girl) and I tell them that we are going to be surprised, many people will follow up by asking if we really know the sex but just aren't telling. Doesn't that sort of defeat the point???

Oh, people say the darndest things... :)


laura jo said...

...or when your 12-year-old boy students just reach out and touch your belly? Yeah, that's fun.

Betsy said...

oh jessica!! i SO know how this feels...a teacher at my school was determined that i was having twins when i was pregnant with katie...EVERY.DAY. she would comment on how big i was. yep, i'm big because i'm growing a baby ;)
btw, not finding out the sex of the baby is awesome. we did not find out with both :) and i would do it again!