05 April 2011

Weekly Wows!

It seems as though I'm in a perpetual state of "wow" these days...

My mom came to visit last Thursday and we got to spend some great time together! We shopped for fabric for some custom-made crib bedding, oohed and aahed over all the cute little baby things we saw (and maybe bought a few of them) and decorated cookies. It was a wonderful time to spend together and, as always, it went by much too quickly!

Some dear friends of mine threw a lovely baby shower for me on Saturday morning.
I even had several friends who drove in from out of town for the occasion, which was such a nice treat!

They really made it a special occasion and it meant so much to me. Thanks, girls!

On Sunday night, we went to see A Chorus Line at Bass Hall.
(This makes the first of three musicals we'll be seeing this month!) Although A Chorus Line wasn't our favorite musical, Clay and I are definitely savoring these theater dates and enjoying this time together!

We are now the proud owners of an iPad2.
Unfortunately this makes me occasionally invisible. ;)
If I can ever pry it out of Clay's hands, then maybe I'll see what all this fuss is about...

We have gone green - in the nursery!
Bye bye, mustard yellow...

Hello, River Reed! (That's the color name.)
After a few touch-ups and clearing out the exisiting furniture, we'll be ready to bring in the crib! I can't wait. :)

Today I had my 30-week check up, and the doctor only had good things to report!
 I feel so lucky to have made it this far in my pregnancy without complication. Here's hoping this trend continues!

Tonight I went to see my sister sing the national anthem with the praise team from The Hills at the Rangers game. At her first Rangers game ever, my sister sang the national anthem. How cool is that?!

What's wow-ing you this week?!


Katie Allen said...

I'm so glad you got to spend so much quality time with your mom! I love the nursery paint color, I can't wait to see everything else!

Mary Kay said...

You are glowing! You look so beautiful...I do believe pregnancy agrees with you!! I can't wait to hear all about this little one! I know Mini is getting quite excited!

Ashley said...

Looks like a very fun & sweet shower! And I love the green you picked out for the room! I know it will look adorable!
I'm so glad you are feeling good!

karen said...

many wows this week!
so glad that we could publicly celebrate baby rich this past week!

a week ago, trip to ft worth

week later-trip half way around the world!

both are fun and exciting!

much love from OZ!