08 August 2010

I Dare You

In my search for the perfect read for our upcoming trip (so many choices!), one link led to another and I ended up on YouTube watching this video essay by author Kelly Corrigan.

[Watch it. Now.]

The truth of her words struck me between the eyeballs: How many times do I undermine my own talents and abilities because I am overly self-conscious? What would I be able to do if I threw caution to the wind, if I took my dreams seriously, if I wore leg warmers whenever I felt like it? I mean, really - who cares what other people think?

Take hold of your dreams today, bright readers! I dare you. :D


Chelsie said...

This is great- thank you for sharing)!

laura jo said...

Love. It.

Love. You.


karen said...

wonderful message for girls of all ages!
glad you shared this!