22 April 2010

Rich-Craft: Another Update (So Soon?!?!!)

I just don't know what got into me, but I'm on a crafty streak or something. :D

Last night I decided to finally fill the three frames hanging above our bed. (Previously they have merely showcased the paper inserts that came with them. I was holding out for some wedding photos... but *sigh* finally gave up.)

Materials: Laptop with printer, scrapbook paper, scissors, picture frames. Oh, and a little creative placement.

Results: Simply. Amazing.

SO much better than before! And at least now I won't get confused looks as visitors ask us who those pictures are of and why there are three of them. :D


karen said...

wow, looks like a designer room. but such a personal touch. love it! you are really clever with your crafting!

Katie said...

I never even noticed the three same pictures! I must of thought they were of you! Can you come decorate my house??