25 April 2010

Field Trip

So Clay and I decided to take a field trip to the ER yesterday. I had never been and Clay thought he would show me around.

Actually...we went so that Clay could receive medical treatment. You see, my dear, sweet husband was out in the yard trimming our shrubbery with the electric hedge trimmer when somehow his right pinky finger got in the way. I quickly realized this wound was beyond my first-aid skills, so we headed to the ER.

An x-ray, tetanus shot, and seven stitches later...

Poor Clay, all laid up in his hospital bed, happy on pain meds and with a great view of the TV while I had to crane my neck and sign all the papers for him. (I'm not bitter.)

Needless to say, I am very glad that everything turned out okay (no lost appendages!). However, Clay spent most of this afternoon taking it easy on the couch. As we speak, he is enjoying the Spurs/ Mavs game - and milking his finger for all that it's worth. See what I mean?

So, lessons we've learned this weekend:

1.) Keep your fingers (and any other body parts, for that matter) VERY far away from electric hedge trimmers, even if the blade is slowing down.
2.) The Game Show Network has some interesting TV shows. We were able to watch two episodes of Baggage during our wait. It is a dating show hosted by Jerry Springer - need I say more??!!
3.) Clay makes an irresistible puppy dog face. And I am such a sucker! :)

Hopefully your weekend has been free of any "field trips!"


Ashley said...

He is for sure milking it. Remind him that his hospital stay for open heart surgery is not the same as this!

karen said...

i have to hand it to clay, he is one tough cookie! it was good to see pictures, even though the pinkie one was a bit squeamish to this mom! (but the smile was nice!)
so glad, jessica, that he has you by his side! much love, karen

Katie said...

Jeremy texted me yesterday to tell me he lost a finger while blowing stuff up at work. I of course didn't believe him and he kept going on about it so I told him to send me a picture. He obviously didn't have one. I then told him that Clay chopped off his finger. He didn't believe me and asked for a picture. So I sent him this to prove it. haha Glad he's ok!