03 October 2012

He's Got Something to Say

Although most people wouldn't recognize them as such,
Max's babbling is sounding more and more like words these days.
And boy - does he have a lot to say!

The good 'ole standby, "Daddy"
(which he has said since about 10 months)

"Hi" (sometimes) and "bye bye"

"wa wa" for water

"nana" for banana 

"nah nah" for night night

"ja" for giraffe

"ra ra" for fire truck
(sort of like the sound the siren makes)

"boom" or "kaboom"
when something falls down (or is knocked over, in most cases)

"bah-bul" for Bible

and, my favorite, "Mama!"
(Be still, my heart!)

He is also attempting parts of longer words, 
mostly people's names like "Ju" for Julie and "Da" for Doc.

Often times he'll carry on little babble conversations with me.
Bless his heart, I don't think he knows he's talking gibberish. :)
It is so fun to hear this sweet little voice!


Julie said...

love the video!
-ju :)

Katie said...

wow that's awesome Max!

karen said...

it's fun to hear his vocabulary growing! so fun! love his sweet words and he is speaking them so good! oh max, can't wait to see and hear you more!! xoxo, mini

Ashley said...

So sweet!