24 October 2012

Family Photo Shoot

We recently had the very talented Erin of ee photography take some family photos for us.
Both Clay and I love her work, and were so excited she was available!

We are beyond pleased with the images she captured. :)



 And this is just the icing on the cake, folks!
There were SO many great shots, it was difficult to choose just one favorite.
(Or really five, for that matter.)

Thanks again, Erin, for helping us preserve what the Rich family looks like
at this point in our lives. We will cherish these photos forever!


karen said...

these are amazing moments captured on film! love love love them! truly, priceless!

laura jo said...

These are fabulous! Oh, I especially love the little feet with the vespa. So cute! ee photography is VERY talented.

Mary Kay said...

Oh my! They are wonderful!!! Such a sweet time and such a sweet little guy! I love the vespa and the feet shot as well!!! I know you will cherish these for sure through the years!!!

Katie said...

I LOVE them! Great shots!

Katie Allen said...

These turned out so good! My favorite is the one on the top right!

Shannon said...

Yay! Erin is the best :) But it's easy shooting a great family!