13 October 2012

First Haircut

For the past few weeks, I have been saying I needed to get Max's hair cut
but his daddy just wouldn't hear of it!
Finally Clay saw the light (and just how crazy little man's hair was getting)
so we headed on over to Cool Cuts this morning for the big snip.

 See how wild little man's hair looks? I wasn't making it up.

Max was so excited to sit in the little red car 
and loved playing with the steering wheel - and then they put the cape on.
He spazzed out until I could get his arms free so he could grab the steering wheel again. :)

This whole haircut business didn't seem to bother Max much...

 ...until she brought out the electric clippers. And then he lost it.

 Poor kiddo. I don't like the electric clippers either!

But Max quickly calmed back down once the stylist left him alone to drive his little car! ;)

Our (big) little man with his new 'do! 

I am seriously amazed at the people who cut children's hair for a living.
I mean, I have trouble just getting Clay to sit still when I cut his hair!
Our little wiggle wort did his very best to shake the stylist, 
but she was very persistent and very quick.

I am so pleased with my little man and his big boy haircut,
even though I wish he'd stop growing up so fast. :)


Mary Kay said...

Why is it a few little "snip-snips" can totally change a child's looks! You are right, he needs to quit growing up so fast!!! Either way, he is such a cutie pie!!!

Katie Allen said...

He looks so handsome!