16 October 2012

Baby Showers

I have been so lucky to help host baby showers 
for a couple of my dear friends the past two weekends.
Baby showers are so much fun!

The first shower was for my friend Chelsea, 
who is expecting her first (a girl) at the end of the month.
Chelsea is an art teacher, so we had to have some hands-on crafts -
cute little cards to go in a guest scrapbook 
and decorate-your-own onesies or headbands!


Then this past Sunday I got to help host a shower for my friend Katie,
who is expecting her second (also a girl) around Thanksgiving!
The theme was "Mommy's Little Cupcake"
and I had lots of fun incorporating cupcake liners 
and other related items into the decor.
We also had a scrumptious cupcake bar 
where guests could choose their own toppings!


It is so fun to see these families preparing to meet their sweet baby girls.
I can't wait to meet (and snuggle) them either!

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laura jo said...

Okay, so that CAKE is so cute! Who made it?