04 October 2012

Books of the Month: August + September

My June and July were jam-packed with fun and I didn't have much time for pleasure reads.
But I picked back up in August with The Table Experience by Devi Titus.
(I read this one in the car on our family road trip!)

This book goes along with a Bible study, The Home Experience
which I participated in this past spring and am now hosting. 
So I guess you could say I read it for "homework" - 
but I did it by choice so I'm counting it as a pleasure read. :)

I really loved this book and the message it has for families: 
Studies show that sharing a meal may be the single greatest thing a family can do together.
And the Bible highly encourages it too!
It made me really appreciate the table experience I had growing up -
breakfast together most days and dinner every single night. (Thanks, Mom!)
This is definitely a tradition I hope to continue in our family!
Devi obviously goes into more depth on the subject, but I won't share any more.
You'll just have to go and read the book for yourself! ;)

(Here is another great resource if you're interested 
in learning more about implementing family dinners.)

In September, I read The Mermaid Chair by Sue Monk Kidd.
It was a toootally different from my August read,
and maybe that was one of the reasons I didn't like it.
 Or the fact that it told the story of an extramarital affair...with a monk.
 I'm looking for something a little more pro-family these days, I guess.
Anyway, although I wouldn't recommend this book,
I am considering Kidd's other book, The Secret Life of Bees.
I will probably do some storyline research first!

I have several books to choose from for October.
Fall is such good reading weather, so maybe I'll check several off my list. :)

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Brittnie said...

We had dinner together as a family, at the table, every night (unless we had a sporting event during usual dinner time) and it made such an impact. So thankful for this experience when I was under my parents roof. We hope to do the same with Clara and any future children. :)