15 October 2012

16 Months

Another month has flown by and my baby boy just keeps on growing!

  Aaaand he's out.

You will notice that picture-taking has become infinitely more difficult - and more fun! :)

Little man weighs in at about 27 pounds and measures 33 inches tall.
 (No well-check this month, so we're just winging it on the stats.)

He wears size 4 diapers when in disposables, a few size 12-18 month 
or 18-24 month clothing, and size 6 shoes.

Max still sleeps about 11-11 1/2 hours at night and takes one good two-hour nap a day.

He is still a pretty good eater, though he does have moments
where he's made up his mind not to eat something.
We've been serving him food on a plate (versus tossing it onto his highchair tray)
and we've only had a few overturning incidents. :) So far, so good!

As you can tell from this post, Max is really starting to talk!
He has added the following words to his vocabulary:
hot, ice, puppy, ball, bus, bike, book, apple, achoo and owie.
He is saying Julie really well and will often wander through the house
calling, "Ju -ee? Ju-ee?" :)

He is also saying "Mommy" a LOT, and I love hearing his sweet little voice.

This month has been filled with many firsts - first fat lip, first (professional) family pics,
first time to meet your cousin Madelyn (!), first camping trip, and first haircut.

Max loves to put on the oven mitts when Mommy pulls them out.

 He still loves to dance to music and will often twirl around until he's so dizzy he'll fall down!
He also likes to walk around on tiptoe or walk backwards.

Max has started giving kisses - big, slobbery, tongue-sticking-out kind of kisses.
You better be prepared when he heads in your direction with his mouth open!

Little man likes to sit on the bench at the kitchen table to eat his snack.
He can even climb up there on his own now - yikes!

Max wants to be right in the middle of whatever I'm doing these days.
I try to let him help me put clothes in the washer/dryer,
hold the hose when I vacuum, and use a rag to wipe his tray after a meal.
It doesn't hold his interest for very long, but I'll take all the help I can get - ha!

You cannot separate this little man from his books!
First thing in the morning, he heads straight to his bookshelf
and that's usually where I find him throughout the day - in the middle of a pile of books.
His current favorite is Ten in the Bed, which he requests at least ten times a day. :)

It is such a joy to spend my days with this ball of energy:

I can't think of anywhere else I'd rather be!


Julie said...

aww, Max! Ju-ee loves you!

karen said...

i love reading every single thing about max! what pure delight he is! thanks for sharing the daily things he is doing and saying!!!!