04 November 2011

Sunshine State

Max and I are back from a wonderful week with Grammie and Doc in the Sunshine State! 
We had so much fun while we were there...

Enjoying dinner on the screened porch almost every night

Taking Grammie and Doc's Christmas card picture- in 80 degree weather, no less :)
(I'll let them show you the winner)
Doing some baking with Grammie
(Due to an orange candy melt shortage, our pumpkins turned out 
rather peach/ tomato/ cherry looking)

Taking a trip to Havana (Georgia) to shop and have lunch
Seeing the butterfly migration at St. Mark's
Going for walks in the neighborhood

Having lots and lots of playtime

Getting baths and stories from someone other than Mom ;)

Enjoying lunch out for Mom's birthday
(Sorry, not the best photo op :/)

Modeling our Halloween costume - and cute pjs!

 All in all, it was a wonderful visit. Thanks, Grammie and Doc, for being such great hosts!

Even after all that fun, we were sure glad to get back home to Daddy, who had been hard at work while we were gone - finishing up the baseboards and trim in the house as well as several other projects. (So technically, #20 on my 28 Before 28 List did get accomplished, thanks to Clay!) 
What a lovely surprise to come home to. ;)

Now if only the laundry would do itself...


Mary Kay said...

The picture of your dad laying on the blanket looking at Max is PRECIOUS!! He looks pretty much in love with your sweet little guy!!! What a fun trip!

Jaci said...

Great pictures! I think it's about time for me to come visit you and Max again :)

Katie Allen said...

I love your pictures! Looks like you had a great time. Hope to see you soon!