17 November 2011

One Holiday at a Time

Thanksgiving is just three days away (three days, people!)...but you wouldn't know it.
Turkey Day seems to be the middle child in the Holiday family - 
often overshadowed by his boisterous younger sibling (Halloween) and the flashy older one (Christmas). 

This arrangement has always bothered me, especially in a culture where we have SO MUCH 
to be grateful for. But Thanksgiving always seems to be crowded out by all the Halloween candy and twinkle lights. I've even heard of radio stations that start playing Christmas carols on November 1st! 

That's why I found it so refreshing that someone else feels exactly the way I do.

Apparently Nordstrom has long had the policy of waiting until after Thanksgiving to deck the halls. 
In fact, one store posted a sign last year with these words, which I think are just so perfect:
Happiness is celebrating one holiday at time.  
That's why you won't find any holiday trim until after Thanksgiving day. 
So relax. Reminisce. Enjoy the day as we will--with family and friends.

From our family to yours, 
Happy Thanksgiving. 

(If only I could afford to show my support of Nordstrom's and their sentiment!)
So enjoy this season of thankfulness. There will be plenty of time for holly jolly later! :)

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