27 November 2011


Max is so lucky to have two cousins that are very close in age - and proximity! 
We know they will be the Three Amigos when they get a little older. ;)

We tried to stage photos of our cute boy-cousin trio at Thanksgiving this weekend.
Emphasis on the "tried."

Here are some of our funny shots on Turkey Day:

Jaxon ran off and left Max with Garrett, aka Mr. November. :)

A BIG thank you to Allyson Keker for knitting the perfect headgear for Max's first Thanksgiving. 
Isn't she amazing?!!!

Max is going to love us for these pictures when he's 13, I'm sure. :)

We decided to try staging a photo again with the boys in their Christmas outfits the next day. 
The result wasn't much better - but still humorous!

By this point, it was getting close to bedtimes and the boys were ready 
for the paparazzi to leave them alone! They were still pretty darn cute, even if the pictures don't capture them at their smiley-est.

 Unfortunately for them, I don't anticipate things getting any better in the future. :)
Max, Jaxon, and Garrett - get ready for LOTS more crazy family photo shoots!

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