10 November 2011

Little Scooter

This afternoon, little man was having some tummy time on the rug in his room 
when I noticed he was slowly pushing himself backwards. 

Curious as to how far he would go, I sat back to watch while Max scooted from here
(he started where the purple foot is)
to all the way in here!

So he scooted from his room through the living room and almost into the kitchen. 
And I think he would have kept going if he hadn't bumped into his high chair!

Maybe I should fashion an outfit like this so Max could help me keep the floors clean?

Our little man is that much closer to crawling - and we are SO not ready for it!


karen said...

oh my goodness, so fun to see how max is daily changing! it looks like he is having so much exploring the house...and not only surprising you with his moves, but looks like he is delightfully surprised himself!

Katie Allen said...

How funny! Love all your baby posts.