29 November 2011

Book of the Month: November

So I'm starting off strong with my 29 Before 29 goals, one of which was to read one book a month - for fun. You wouldn't think this would be that difficult. But it is.
Especially when you have a little mover on the loose!

In November, I made some time to read Unbroken, which was lent to me by my friend Katie.
(It also helped that our internet was out for a few days, so I couldn't waste hours on Pinterest. :)) 

When she passed it along to me this summer, she had great things to say, 
and I was excited to read it. Five months later...and I have finally finished it!

I won't go into a whole lot of detail about the story - which is true, by the way - but it was absolutely riveting. With each page I turned, I could not believe the words I was reading! Some of the stories were pretty amazing: surviving on a safety raft in the ocean for more than 40 days with sharks continuously circling and even attempting to snatch them from their boat, enduring brutal conditions in the POW camps (illnesses which under other circumstances would require hospitalization, extreme weather, hard labor), and even the pranks they were able to pull off. I especially like seeing old photographs of the places and events that the book described.

What struck me most was the optimistic attitude of his generation, despite the hardships they faced - even before the war. They took the difficulties in stride and kept their outlook bright. And even when faced with the atrocities of war, these men kept their heads held high. Reading of all the incredibly difficult things that these soldiers faced, I was absolutely amazed at their resilience. It gave me a new appreciation for our military forces, both veterans and those in active duty. I am so grateful for their willingness to make such huge sacrifices!

Had this book not been lent to me by a friend, I probably wouldn't have read it.
But now that I have, I would definitely recommend it.

Up next: My Life in France by Julia Child. I'm salivating already!

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Katie Allen said...

Glad you liked it! I thought you would. :)