31 October 2011

29 Before 29

I am officially 28 years old today - wow.

It's been interesting to reflect upon this past year and it's definitely been exciting to anticipate the year ahead. :)

Here are a few things I hope to see in my 28th year of life:

1. Pray with Clay and Max every day.
2. Start composting.
3. Find a place to volunteer.
4. Use the Spanish I know more often - and try to grow my vocabulary.
5. Attend a marriage conference/ seminar with the hubs.
6. Visit a place I've never been to before (outside the US, if possible!).
7. Take one photograph each day.
8. Embrace the camera.
9. Read one book for fun each month - instead of just parenting books. :)
10. Try at least 10 new restaurants.
11. Do the 30 for 30 Challenge at least once.
12. Make my own greeting/ birthday cards instead of buying them.
13. Take the 10 Days (or more) of Real Food challenge or something similar.
14. Go for a walk with Max at least three times a week.
15. Ride in a hot air balloon.
16. Do a Bible study with my sister.
17. Find an older woman in the church who's willing to be my mentor.
18. Take a trip with just Clay.
19. Grow my hair out again, this time long enough to donate to Locks of Love.
20. Try my hand at making homemade baby food for Max.
21. Teach Max sign language.
22. Keep up with photo books for our trips.
23. Take a calligraphy class.
24. Frame and hang wedding pictures in our bedroom.
25. Start practicing yoga again.
26. Observe a weekly Sabbath or day of rest.
27. Streamline my chore routines (laundry, dusting, etc).
28. Get to know our neighbors.
29. Do one random act of kindness each month.

Wish me luck! ;)

1 comment:

Mary Kay said...

Happy Birthday (late!) and I love your list. Looks like a fun year ahead! I especially love how much of your list really honors
and focuses on others!