18 October 2011

Three Cheers for the Purple and White!

This weekend we took a trip to Abilene, one of the main reasons being that it was ACU Homecoming. 
It is also a great excuse to see Mini and Zu and Aunt Julie!

My boys sporting their purple at the parade

Future Wildcats

Cute family photo!
It's crazy to think that this time last year, little Max was a tiny little thing in my tummy!
It's even crazier to think that I graduated five years ago! 

 Since the parade was during Max's naptime, we brought the stroller and 
tried to walk around a bit to see if he would go to sleep. 
Nope - Max's eyes were wide open the whole time, as you can see!

The (big) boys went to the football game and cheered the Wildcats on to victory 
against West Texas A&M while the girls and babies came back to the house for naps.

The weekend was definitely different from previous Homecomings - 
babies make a HUGE difference, for sure. :) (Who'd have thought?!!)

Also, it was a little strange not seeing so much of Clay's extended family over the weekend. 
In the past, ACU Homecoming has been a family reunion of sorts, but this year with two new babies and no one actually attending the university, there was a little less Wildcat spirit. :)
And we didn't get to spend as much time with Clay's parents as usual because they were very busy taking care of all the details after Clay's grandmother passed away earlier this week. But we were so thankful for the brief conversations over a pizza dinner and quick baby snuggles in the morning! 

We look forward to our next trip to Abilene when we can enjoy more time with Mini and Zu!


laura jo said...

I hated missing Homecoming this year. Next year, though...next year we'll be there!

Ashley said...

Amazing how kids change everything!!