06 October 2011

Rich-Craft: Door Decorations

All the time I've been spending on Pinterest lately has resulted in a very long list of craft projects I would like to do. This list includes these yarn-wrapped letters and this adorable green wreath, both of which I thought would make nice additions to our very boring doors. :)

The yarn-wrapped letter was super-easy and took me maybe 20 minutes to complete. 
You do have to pay attention to the direction you are wrapping the yarn so that all sides of the letters are covered, especially if you have a letter like R. Let's be honest - I wasn't planning on thinking that hard to do a craft!

I used a cardboard letter and a skein of yarn (on sale!) from Hobby Lobby and a little hot glue to secure the yarn in odd places. Probably could have used a bigger letter because I have a TON of yarn leftover and I'm not much of a knitter. :(

The green wreath, however, was a little more time-consuming. I used a 12" styrofoam wreath and one bag of Itsy-beadsies and a TON of hot glue. It took forever to glue those little suckers on in rows! Then I decided to add some fabric (which I had leftover from another project) to the back of the wreath to give it a more finished look and so that I didn't get styrofoam dust everywhere.

I think it turned out okay, no?

AUTHOR'S ASIDE: I thought it would be fun to hang it on our front door now, but both my husband and sister suggested I wait until St. Patrick's Day. Or at least Christmas. But I think this color green goes well with fall - am I crazy????

Up next: I think I'll tackle those really cool t-shirt necklaces I've seen on Pinterest as well.
Like a scarf AND a necklace in one!

Happy crafting!

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laura jo said...

I just made a t-shirt scarf. So easy and fun! ...and cheap!