03 October 2011

Punkin' Patch

My dear sister-in-law and her husband had planned to take their little one to the Pumpkin Village at the Dallas Arboretum on Sunday, and were gracious enough to let us tag along. :)

The weather was absolutely perfect - just a touch of cool in the air to make it feel like it was actually fall (and that I didn't start sweating in my scarf). Nothing like 60-degree weather and a bunch of pumpkins to get you in the mood for fall! And, of course, these two cuties...


Such sweet cousins! Our photo shoot next year should be extra fun. :)
Our little cutie pie
"Help, I've fallen in the pumpkins and I can't get up!"
Watch out, Mr. October!

My two main men :)

Such a cute family!

Always some excitement with a toddler around :)

Yummy acorns!

We went during Max's naptime, so it was difficult to coax smiles out of him.
He tolerated all the pictures though!

Our family of three :)

Love these father-son shots!

We set up the tripod and tried to get some pictures of the six of us. Here are the results...

Finally, a winner!

Such an enjoyable Sunday morning spent with five of my favorite people. :)


laura jo said...

Mom and I took Garrett on Friday! Such a fun place in the fall! Maybe next year, we can all get together!

Katie Allen said...

These photos are priceless, I loved every one! I can't wait to take some with my little guy!

Julie said...

so adorable! i have the cutest nephews! :)

karen said...

oh max and jaxon...you are my most favorite 'pumpkins' ever! i have the picture of you two as my screensaver on the computer and it makes me smile so big everytime i see your sweet faces!