26 September 2011

Oooh, Baby!

I laid Max on our bed the other day while I was putting away some laundry in our room, 
and he just looked so darn cute that I had to snap a few pictures. :)

Just try to convince me you couldn't resist this face. ;)
Oooh, baby - what a cutie!


laura jo said...

oh my goodness! He has changed so much! I can't wait to see him this weekend. :)

Mary Kay said...

He is one BEAUTIFUL baby boy!!! I would love to squeeze on those cheeks and thighs! He has the prettiest skin too!

karen said...

oh my goodness! he melts my heart! those eyes and smiles, what a beautiful bundle of boy!
love you, max!!

Katie Allen said...

These pics are SO cute Jessica! He is getting so big.