13 September 2011

Three Months

Time is ticking away - our little Max is three months old today!

In the past month, it was been amazing to watch changes take place with our little man...

As best I could tell from our old-fashioned bathroom scale, Max weighs about 14 pounds. And according to my measurements while he wiggled during tummy time this morning, he is 25 inches long.

He usually nurses 7 times a day, waking once at night to eat. (Still so much growing going on!)

Max wears size 2 diapers (when we use disposables) and mostly 3 month clothing. Due to the bulky cloth diapers, there are a few 3-6 month items that are in the rotation.

Our little man is now sleeping in his own room for all of his naps and at night. It hasn't been as hard of a transition as I thought it would be; after all, it's only about 20 steps to get to his crib from my side of the bed! 

Max LOVES tummy time and gets about an hour total a day. He especially likes to kick his legs and push up on his arms. A few times he has rolled over (four times to be exact), but starting cloth diapers has provided a little obstacle which we've not quite mastered yet. :)

Max has traveled to Abilene and Nashville in the past month, and did great with both trips. Granted, he wanted nothing to do with the carseat at the end of our drive home from Tennessee - but I don't blame him! During these trips he got to meet two sets of great-grandparents and LOTS of other family members.

He has become quite the socialite, smiling and cooing almost all the time. And he doesn't discriminate! If Max sees a smiling face in front of him, most likely he's going to grin right back. That includes his own face when he's looking in the mirror. :)

We've got a drooler on our hands! This little man can soak a onesie in a matter of minutes when he's sucking/ chewing on his hands. And he loves to gnaw on Mama's thumb (which we hope doesn't mean he is teething just yet!).

The new habit (?) of spitting up has also developed. I used to be able to stretch out laundry days - now I have to do a load just about every day to keep a stash of clean burp cloths and bibs!

What a joy to watch our baby boy grow! Clay and I are humbled each day that we get to share in the life of this precious little man.

Can't wait to see what the next month will bring!

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karen said...

oh my goodness, max is so cute!!!! such a happy face! his smile makes me smile big time!
happy three months, max!
we love you!
mini and Zu