21 September 2011

Scarf Swap!

I think one of the best things to hit the blogosphere is "the swap." 
It's like a panty exchange minus the chain letter - and way cooler! :)

Recently I signed up to participate in the Third Annual Scarf Swap 
through Meredith Tichenor's blog, and was paired with Jennifer Lipman. 
The rules were that you purchased and sent each other scarves by September 23. So fun!

As a new mom, I don't exactly have hours between naptimes to scour my favorite stores for the perfect accessory to send my new friend. But I knew just the place to find what I was looking for, where I picked up this bright beauty to send Jennifer's way:

Thank you, Anthro! I love that its lightweight - especially since Texas 
doesn't really get cold until after Thanksgiving - and the beautiful colors. 
Jennifer, I hope you like it too!

I was so very excited when I heard a little knock at the door yesterday afternoon, 
only to open it and discover this little beauty waiting for me:

(Please ignore the unmade bed in the background.
You can focus on the super-cute infinity scarf instead!)

Thanks, Jennifer! Can't wait till next year's swap. ;)

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