13 October 2011

Four Months

Little man is growing up!

It is hard to believe Max is already four months old! Craziness...
We took our little man for his check-up this morning, where the nurse weighed him
at 16 pounds 11 1/2 ounces and measured him to be 25 3/4 inches.
He is above the 80th percentile in all his stats! Way to go, Maxers. :) 

He also did well with his shots (he go two this morning, plus one administered orally)
and only cried a little, although it was a pretty intense cry! Thankfully Dad was there
to soothe the little guy. Our pediatrician also cleared us to start baby food if we want...
so we may give it a go in the next few days and see how Max likes it! 

Our growing boy is teaching us so much daily. Currently this is what he's up to:
Max nurses 6-7 times a day. As evidenced by the weigh-in, he is not being shorted any food!

Just within the last two weeks, Max has dropped his night feeding. 
We had two glorious nights where he slept almost until morning, 
but we're still getting the hang of this sleeping through the night thing. :)

We have moved to pretty much all 3-6 month clothing. There are a few pairs of pants 
that are 6 months, but we can thank the bulky cloth diapers for that!

This kid can drool! He can soak through a bib I put on him in minutes, 
especially if he's got something in his mouth - which is often. 
Hands (his or ours), toys, and really anything he can grab ahold of are fair game.

It's pretty fun to watch him focus on and grab things in front of him. 
He concentrates so hard! I am so impressed at how often he is able 
to get things to his mouth without poking himself in the eye. :)

Tummy time is still a favorite, and Max is able to push his entire torso 
up off the ground using his hands. He's also been kicking his legs a lot from this position - 
and his Daddy thinks he'll be crawling soon. I sure hope he's wrong!

He has rolled over a few more times (tummy to back, but not regularly) 
and is getting very close to rolling over from his back to his tummy. 
Usually he finds his hand when he gets halfway there and it distracts him. :)

Max LOVES to pull up to standing on your lap. He also loves to grab his feet, 
which makes for interesting diaper changes.

Our little man is quite the talker - cooing and babbling and 
blowing raspberries whenever he gets the chance. It's pretty cute!

His little smiles are the highlights of our days. 
We can't wait for the day when we can finally hear his little laugh! 
(Dad claims to have gotten a few "ha has" out of him, but I am skeptical.)

What a blessing it has been to love on our Maxwell James for the past four months.
We look forward to the next four - and many, many more!


Katie Allen said...

I can't believe it! And he has gotten so big! I love this age, they change and grow SO much.

Katie said...

Adorable!!! Can't wait to see yall!

Jenna Wachtmann said...

He's a real cutie!