25 October 2011

Weekly Wows

We have FINALLY captured little man's ability to roll on film! Even though he's been doing it on and off for about two months now, Max has proved to be quite camera shy. But he just kept flipping himself over the other day, and the camera happened to be handy. :)

So far, he has only rolled tummy to back, but he is pretty darn close to rolling back to tummy.
(He finds his hands as soon as he gets to his side, which distracts him almost every time!) We shall see what the next few weeks bring for our little rock 'n roller. :)

 Our weekend was a lovely relaxing one - which is probably going to be the last for a while! Friday night the two of us enjoyed a heavenly dinner out at Ellerbe Fine Foods while our friends, the Rhoads, watched Max. Then Saturday Clay's cousin Laura, her husband Eric, and their little boy Garrett came over for a bit. We got some pretty cute second cousin pics!

And on Sunday we stayed at home all day - watching some games on TV. It was absolutely wonderful to have such a low-key weekend, especially with the holiday hubub right around the corner!

Max and I were invited to a Halloween party yesterday morning by our friends, Katie and Graham. We had so much fun catching up with old friends we hadn't seen in a while - and making some new ones! Max got to debut his first Halloween costume, but some people had a hard time guessing what it was. What do you think?

(Hint: There is a dollop of wasabi and a floret of ginger on his belt.)

I thought he was a pretty cute piece of sushi if I ever did see one! :)

Today Max will take his first plane ride! He and I are going to Tallahassee, Florida, for a week to spend some time with Grammie and Doc since we don't get to see them very often. So I'll be taking a little blogging hiatus, but will have lots to share when I come back!

Hope your week is filled with wows!

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