15 August 2011

Two Months

I cannot believe that Max is two months old!

We have learned so much about our little man in the past two months:

Max has such an easygoing personality which is showing itself more and more each day.

He loves to chatter and often has babbling conversations with Mommy and Daddy. :)

He has also got an adorable grin which he freely shares - especially with the ceiling fans!

Max still loves tummy time and is perfecting the mini push-up.
His legs are getting so strong and he'll often push up to standing on Mommy or Daddy's lap.
He is also quite the kicker, which we predict will make him a fast crawler.
(Better get to babyproofing!)

Bathtime with Daddy is one of his favorite parts of the day - and mine too!
I love to hear my boys playing in the water. :)

Max has made two car trips, one to San Antonio and one to Abilene. He was SUCH a good traveler and we hope he'll continue this trend for our big road trip to Tennessee at the end of this month.

He is nursing about seven times a day, waking only once at night to feed.

While we're still a ways away from sleeping through the night (only about 4 hours at a stretch,
which the pediatrician explained hasn't happened yet because our little man is growing so fast!),
Max goes down for his naps and a bedtimes like a dream.

Max has such big, bright eyes and loves to look around, taking in all his surroundings.
He will follow Mom and Dad as they move across the room.

Our little man had his two-month checkup today - although he's not so little anymore!
Max weighed in at 12 pounds, 7 1/2 ounces and measured 24 inches long.
He was even a champ when the nurse gave him his shots.

It is amazing that God has entrusted this incredible little boy to us.
We are so lucky to be his Mommy and Daddy!


karen said...

and he is incredibly lucky to have y'all as his parents!

happy two months, Max!

we love you so much!
mini and Zu

Ashley said...

what a cutie!

Mary Kay said...

Oh what a doll! He is blessed to have you and Clay as his mom and dad too! Love that smile!!!

*Priscilla* said...

What a sweet boy! :)