18 August 2011

Five is Better Than One

So our little man has finally discovered his fingers - all five of them! 
Instead of just sucking one (or maybe two), he tries to stick his whole fist in his mouth. 
It's pretty funny to watch!

He gets frustrated when his WubbaNub falls out of his mouth during naps 
and his hand is too big - and wiggly - to be a good substitute. Hopefully those fine motor skills 
will develop quickly over the next few weeks; the big move into his room is imminent 
and this mama doesn't want to make multiple treks each night to pop the paci back in!


karen said...

Such a sweet picture!

Amy said...

Caroline learned to suck on the two middle fingers on her right hand and it was a HUGE help to me, for her to self-soothe. however, when she was almost five, it was a bit of a struggle to get her to break the habit :) my boys loved the pacifier and each of them broke that habit during respective colds at 7 months old... i found that the pacifier helped me with one of my sons because he wanted to suck more but not actually get anymore milk. he would actually get upset, pull away from my breast (he would always be just about finished with the 2nd side) and then i'd put his paci in and he'd be so happy! i figured that one out with a lot of trial and error.