27 August 2011

First Things First

This week has been filled with many firsts for our little man:

First time to roll over!
(I wasn't expecting it the first time and as such was without a video camera handy!
We are working on recording this event for all posterity. :))

First time in cloth diapers
(I think Max approves!)

First time in the nursery at church
(while Mom went to a ladies Bible class)

Whew! This mama needs a break from all this growing. Our baby is getting so big so fast!

1 comment:

karen said...

i love how you have chronicled the 'first times'. such precious times! as you experience these, i imagine you are storing up in your heart these treasures...just like the mother of our Saviour did!

from one of my favorite books/blogs i've recently read (one thousand gifts), here is a wonderful little quote of a poem that reminds me of freezing these special times in my heart:

take the moments of this weekend,
this window of time
hanging at the end of a summer,
and frame it as His art,
moment upon moment –
all masterpiece.