18 August 2011

Just Perfect

So I'm sure that you already know about the Perfect Iced Coffee that Pioneer Woman featured on her website earlier this summer (on Max's birthday, actually!), but I am just now discovering the wonder that is cold decaf Dunkin' Donuts coffee, a generous splash of half-and-half, and some sugar over ice.

It is just the perfect way to start a sweltering Texas summer day. :)

Why, oh why couldn't I have found this recipe in May??!!!


Ashley said...

I am LOVING PW's iced coffee, or ANY iced coffee these days too! :)

karen said...

mary kay had shared this recipe with me and i am still drooling just thinking about it! i must try it! i love the view you have from your breakfast table!

Mary Kay said...

Yes, Ashley and I cranked out a VERY large urn of P.W.'s recipe for our July 4th celebration and then we enjoyed MANY of them the rest of that weekend. I was hooked! Another tip I heard, and it works rather well...if I make a pot of coffee and have any left over I pour the left over coffee into a plastic ice trays and freeze it. Then when I NEED an iced coffee, I can just throw some of those into the blender and I am well on my way to a wonderful little treat!!! :)