17 August 2011

Starting Early

I am hunting for good Christmas books.
"But Jessica, it's only August," you might say. "Why so early?"
I've got a whole lot of books to collect between now and November 31st! 

The reason? I saw this fabulous idea for a Christmas Countdown on one of the many blogs I follow:

1. Collect 25 Christmas books
2. Wrap each one in festive holiday paper
3. Let your kids open and read one each day leading up to Christmas
4. Wrap and re-use again year after year!

I absolutely LOVE to read so, of course, it didn't take much to sell me on this idea!

I've made a list of my childhood favorites, but would love some suggestions on your most beloved Christmas stories. 25 books is a lot, after all! :)


Mary Kay said...

Such a sweet idea!!! I like that you are planning ahead!
I have so many Christmas books that I like....but here are a few of my very favorites:
1. Santa Claus: The Number 1 Toy Expert (the illustrations are so cute and the boys love all the details in the pxs!)
2. Polar Express
3. Twas the Night...illustrated by Mary Engelbriet.
...hmm. I know there are more....just can't think of them right now! Happy Hunting!!!

Tara said...

I saw this a few weeks ago on Pinterest! I've already stared looking through my Christmas books I had at school! So fun!