21 August 2011

Mama Bird

My mother-in-law's sister (so my aunt-in-law?) and her daughters pitched in 
and got me a gift certificate to The Vintage Pearl as a baby shower gift several months back. 
It was such a treat to have a little something for me.

Picking a necklace was difficult because there is SO MUCH cute stuff on The Vintage Pearl! 
Ultimately I decided on this necklace, which is called "mama bird:"

I think I did good! ;)

Thanks, Sara, Amy, and Betsy!


Tara said...

I've thought about getting that one. It is so cute!!

Betsy said...

you are very welcome!
it looks perfect on you!
SO happy for you ~ isn't being a mommy the best?!

sara burrell said...

it really IS precious!! and i love all the 'family names' -- aunt in law! or, clay's a.sara and 2 of his cousins..... we could go on all day! wear it in good health, and i look forward to seeing another pearl or two added to your necklace!

Amy said...

YAY!! I am so glad you found something you like :) and it is precious. love that you can put the pearls on there for each child.