31 January 2011



20 Weeks                                 21 Weeks
(Yes, we forgot to take a picture at 19 weeks. I promise we'll do better!)

There are lots of new experiences that have come
with this pregnancy over the past few weeks...

Purchasing a Boppy pregnancy pillow.
I had always thought it was a high-maintenance thing to do - until I really needed one! After many restless nights and lots of online research, I decided upon the Boppy brand total body pillow. Although I'm still working to overcome my tendency to roll onto my back (which this pillow doesn't really help), I am definitely getting a more comfortable night's sleep!

Transitioning to maternity clothes.
Although I have a few items that have transitioned well into this stage of pregnancy, I have discovered that the Bella Band will only get you so far. This past week I made a trip to Motherhood Maternity and Gap Maternity to find some more comfortable workwear. I wouldn't have needed to make this outing if only I could wear yoga pants to work every day!

Adding an antacid to our medicine cabinet.
I have never been one to take lots of medications, but the recent development of heartburn has made it necessary to take extra measures. Maalox tablets have been a life-saver!

Taking prenatal yoga classes.
For about a month now, I have been attending a weekly prenatal yoga class at Hobbstudios in Fort Worth. Although I've been practicing yoga for the past three years, there are a lot of poses that need modification! Katy is an amazing instructor and the classes are small (only four people will fit in her studio). I always leave feeling refreshed - and a little bit more prepared for the journey still ahead!

Feeling Baby Rich movin' and groovin' in my tummy!
For the past few weeks I have felt what can best be described as a growling feeling in my stomach - but it was a little different from when I'm hungry or thirsty. At first I wasn't sure if it was really our little jellybean moving around, but the more and more I've felt it the more sure I was that Baby Rich is exercising its little limbs. Clay will occasionally put his hand on my belly in hopes to feel a little kick, but I think we're still a ways from that milestone. :)

So many new experiences - and so many more to come!


Mary Kay said...

You are so cute! You truly are glowing! What an exciting time for you, Clay and the family! We are so excited for you all! Oh boy, I had heartburn so bad the entire pregnancy with Zach...hmmm...maybe it is a boy! Just as I voted! :)

karen said...

love this heading in your blog:
Feeling Baby Rich movin' and groovin' in my tummy! YAY!!!!!!!!!

these are some of the most magical, wonderful feelings!

you are looking great!

we are all so excited to welcome little one into the family!
xoxo, ZU and mini

Bethany said...

You look great! :)