15 January 2011

First Nursery Purchases!

So I finally broke down this week and purchased two small items for Baby Rich's nursery:

A brown polka-dot fitted crib sheet (on sale for $5!) and an LED bluebird nightlight, which doesn't have to be plugged in! It just sits on the beside table and you press the top when you want it to glow - so cool. I found both these items at Target on one of those dangerous browsing trips I sometimes take. :)

Clay and I haven't really decided much of anything on the nursery, and it was starting to stress me out. My dear, sweet sister-in-law in all her wisdom suggested that we decide on colors and at least that will appease my nesting instincts for now. So the other night, I was sitting in our living room watching TV when I looked over at this stack of books on the media console:

I thought to myself, I really like those colors together. And then a light bulb went off: Why not put them together in the nursery?! I'm such a genius. ;D

So there you have it, ladies and gentlemen. We have decided on colors. We have a night light and a crib sheet (for the crib that is yet to be purchased). And - thank goodness - we have 21 more weeks to get ready for Baby Rich!


Tara said...

Yay for colors! Now you have something to go from. You will love having a night light!

laura jo said...

love it, love it, love it!

I am so excited for you! I love it when our extended family gets bigger. :)

Ashley said...

SO SO cute!!! I also love the colors...I know it will be beautiful! Can't wait to see the process! :)

karen said...

love the colors!

sara burrell said...

what great colors for either a he-bear OR a she-bear!!

mindy said...

love the colors!!!