09 January 2011

16 & 18 Weeks

16 Weeks

(We had just flown in from LA at midnight last Sunday and picture-taking wasn't high on our radar.
Sorry for missing the 17-week pic!)

18 Weeks

I had an appointment this week and everything looked good. Our 20-week sonogram is scheduled for January 21st, at which time we will NOT be finding out the gender - just that we have a healthy baby with all its parts! We thought it would be more fun this way. :)

It is absolutely crazy to think that I am approaching the halfway mark of this pregnancy. There are days where I still cannot believe that there is a little life growing inside of me - it still seems so surreal. I am continually in awe of God's amazing creative power in the way that He shapes each and every life, and that He already has great plans for Baby Rich. It will be so exciting to see it all unfold!


karen said...

you are look stunning-glowing!

Ashley said...

You are looking beautiful! I love seeing they little growing belly! Hope you are feeling good! :)