25 January 2011

Blue Or Pink?

On Friday we had our almost-20-week sonogram. It was so much fun for Clay and I to see Baby Rich again! Even more amazing was to see this precious little one as explained to us by the sonogram tech (and yes, we needed an interpreter!).
See what I mean?

(Now that it has been explained to me, I can tell that this is a back view of our little jellybean.)

As I mentioned before, we did not find out if Baby Rich is a boy or a girl - and we won't be finding out until June 11th (or somewhere thereabouts)!

What do YOU think: is Baby Rich a boy or a girl? We'd love to hear your predictions. :)


Katie Allen said...

I don't know why but I'm guessing Baby Rich is a sweet baby GIRL! Although I hope it's a boy. :)

Ashley said...

I'm voting girl too...only because things are all girl around here these day! :) Either way, I know he/she will be precious, beautiful & blessed with wonderful parents!

Mary Kay said...

I am voting boy. Don't know why, just a feeling! I agree with Ashley though, it is going to be one blessed little person to have you and Clay as it's parents! Love ya'll!

Katie said...

Hmm I'm gonna guess a girl! I can't wait for my little nephew or niece to be here!

Tara said...

Mark says a boy, but I say girl. Although I do hope it is a boy. No matter what, we are excited to meet him/her!

karen said...

whether little one is a he or a her, we are already in love.
my guess is a girl.
a beautiful little girl like her mommy. that will wrap her daddy around her little pinkie.
ZU and mini