31 January 2011

A Taste of Spring

I seized the chance to enjoy some of the amazing springtime weather this weekend. There were many others taking advantage of the weather too - dusting off their shorts and flip flops to take their dogs for a walk. (I know - shorts in January?!!!) Because my job will require me to work on Saturdays for the next month, I figured I should capitalize on this opportunity - although I passed on the shorts part. ;)

My dirty little Honda made a trip to the carwash. Now it's all sparkly and pretty.

The previously empty flowerpots on my porch are now filled with some beautiful kale, pansies and herbs.

Although the temperatures have plummeted once more and Al Roker says winter weather is on its way, I still have a little taste of spring to tide me over until the real thing gets here. :)

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karen said...

on saturday i was a member of the clean car club, too. and did some croppin'-but with cricut and cardstock. oh, and we enjoyed some crispy chick fil a chicken and some culture at the philharmonic's classical concert. great weather, great times! now, to get the scarves out for the artiC blast!