16 October 2013

Three Months

Three months with our sweet Miles!
My, how time has flown. :)

LOVE this little chunk!

This little dude weighs about 18 pounds,
as best we can tell from our bathroom scale method.
He is serious about this growing business!

Miles nurses 6-7 times a day.
A recent growth spurt set us back a bit on the sleeping progress,
though he did have a couple of random nights this past month
where he slept for 7 1/2 hours! We'll eventually get there. :)
We've also dropped the swaddle for nighttime sleep
as he just kept busting out - and he doesn't flail like he used to.

He is wearing mostly 3-6 month clothes and size 3 diapers.
I've got some super-cute winter stuff I'm just waiting to pull out.
Oh, and those adorable footie pajamas too!
But this Texas weather needs to cool down just a bit more first. :)

Miles has really started drooling this month
and is already starting to gnaw on Mommy's hands.
The teething process has begun!

This little man can get his hands to his mouth pretty reliably
(or the burp cloth/ toy he's holding onto).
I even caught him once getting the WubbaNub back into his mouth!
(Sadly, it hasn't happened since.)
Miles has worked his way up to about 30-45 minutes of tummy time
during his waketimes throughout the day.
He is really kicking his legs and pushing up,
and has even started scooting himself around.
And he'll still roll every now and then.
Lots of cooing and gurgling (?) going on, which is so so sweet.
I even got a few giggles out of him the other night after bath. :)

Miles still enjoys snuggling up in the Baby K'tan,
and I treasure those times I get to "wear" him
(like Tuesday morning Bible class).
Fortunately he will still sleep some in a carrier!

This past month Miles took his first bottle from Daddy.
He has had several since and is (so far) taking them well.
Hopefully that won't change!

Miles went to the church nursery for the first time this past month as well.
He has done really well staying with me through Bible class and worship,
but I know it will be helpful for him to get used to other caregivers besides Mama. :)

Max is getting much better at being gentle with Miles,
though we still have an accidental poke every now and then.
(Let's be honest - there are some intentional ones too.)
Miles even tolerates Max trying to "help" by putting the pacifier
in his mouth (when he's not going to sleep)
or giving him a hat to wear (which means he can't see anything)
or piling toys on top of him so he can "play" too.
It is so sweet to see those boys together. :)

I've decided my nickname for him is Smiles
because his face is often lit up in a big ole grin. :)
I love his easygoing personality and generally cheerful disposition.
Our family is blessed by this little ray of sunshine!

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karen said...

i think the nickname 'smiles' is perfect! i know he puts one on my face when i see him!happy three months!