23 October 2013

If You Give a Max a Cookie

If you go to Mini's house,
she will have all sorts of fun things for you to do.
 She'll probably have some cookies that need baking. :)

If you wash your hands and roll up your sleeves,
Mini will probably let you help.

After she opens the box,
she'll probably let you help place the cookie dough on the baking sheet.

  Once Mini places the cookies in the oven to bake,
she'll most likely pick you up so you can watch them cook -
even if you're not wearing pants. ;)

When the cookies are done,
Mini will probably let you have one
(after a sensible dinner, of course!).

Thanks, Mini, for indulging this little helper
in your kitchen this weekend!


Ashley said...


karen said...

thanks, Jessica, for documenting this special time! pure joy!! loved getting to make cookies with Max! what a fun helper and baker man!! love you, Max!! xoxo, mini

Mary Kay said...

She is such a sweet Mini and you are such a precious daughter in law to journal these special "mini" moments!