11 October 2013


Lately I've been absent from the blogosphere,
but caring for two littles is something that sounds easy to do
but is actually akin to rocket science.
When I have a few minutes to myself,
the last thing I want to do is sit down at the computer. (Gasp!)
 But I do want to remember this chapter in life,
so here is a bit of what we've been up to lately...

One Saturday we decided to take a family trip to the Fort Worth Zoo.

Although it was still hotter than we would have liked,
we had a great time observing all the animals - and making some new friends. :)

Max is a walking medicine cabinet these days,
what with all the bandaids and different lotions I apply to him almost daily.
On one such day, he was bending over to (I assume)
get a toy out of a bin in his room and bonked his head on one of the shelves.
It left a nasty little gash that bled for quite a while.

But this little dude was so happy to sport his Cars bandaid
that his tears faded quickly and he was running off in no time!

When we had a few days of good rain several weeks ago,
we decided it was a great time to break in the Thomas rain boots. (Thanks, Mini and Zu!)

Max had a blast splashing in the puddles - with Mom and Dad's approval -
and getting completely soaked. 
If only it rained more often in Texas!

Little man's first day of Thursday school was last month.
(He attended in the spring, so this wasn't his first day ever - but I still teared up.)

This guy was so calm about it all, and walked into his classroom like he owned the place. Ha!

 Max's new favorite pasttime is holding Miles.
For as awkward as it is for Miles, he tolerates it well. :)

I do love to see these sweet boys together!

We met Clay for lunch one day at a local sushi place.
Max loved coloring on the back of the order slip
but he wasn't quite as thrilled about the actual sushi roll.

We ordered him chicken fried rice, but Daddy's sushi roll 
just looked so interesting that he grabbed a piece
and dunked it in the soy-wasabi mixture before we could stop him!
I wish I had gotten a picture of the face he made. :)

I am so glad the weather has cooled off a little so we can enjoy
morning jaunts around the neighborhood - and finally put our double stroller to good use!

On the days that it is cold enough to bundle up Miles,
Max has to make sure he also gets a blanket and a hat...
even if it means he's sweating by the time we reach the end of the driveway. :)

 Some area garden stores had a free pumpkin day last Saturday,
so we took advantage of the cooler weather and made a family outing of it.
Max had a blast - potting his own flower (in a pink flowerpot),
decorating his own pumpkin, and eating popcorn!


This is our very sad attempt at a brother pic.
And yes, this was the best one. Sheesh. Better luck next time!

One Friday night a few weeks ago, Clay went with some friends to a Rangers game
so I decided to do something a little special with Max.
I pulled out the Whirly-Pop to make some popcorn (his new favorite snack)
and we sat down to watch Finding Nemo, his first full-length movie!

I had hoped he would fall asleep by the end of the movie...but nope. This kiddo was riveted! 
I look forward to more movie nights with this little guy. :)

Life in the Rich household right now is not super-exciting.
We are enjoying this simpler time in our lives
where we often stay at home and just enjoy each other's company...

Which is not a bad gig, if you ask me. :)
I am so blessed to spend my days with these three handsome boys!


Stephanie said...

Oh my goodness, they are too big!

karen said...

i love everything about this post! it is so fun to see little glimpses into everyday life at the riches! (we loved getting to see pix of max wearing his thomas boots!) great pictures! and i think the one of max and miles with the pumpkins is really good!! it's not easy to get a picture with two little ones, but you got a cute one!

Brittnie said...

You are such a good & fun momma! I am somewhat nervous about juggling two kiddos but I know it will most likely just take time to get into a groove.

Also, we are looking into double stroller options and since we totally took your advice for the single, I will probably be hitting you up for advice for the double as well. :)

Sarah Cornett said...

What a sweet blog post and a fabulous update of all y'all's goings on. Loved it!!